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Chris Sabin on the prime years of TNA, why AJ Styles didn’t like him at first, why he wasn’t ready to be TNA World Champion

Impact Wrestling star Chris Sabin was interviewed this week for Chris Van Vliet’s YouTube channel and podcast.

Sabin talked about the Motor City Machine Guns reunion in Impact Wrestling and winning the World Tag Team Titles, why AJ Styles didn’t like him at first, thoughts on the X-Division, what it took to get Alex Shelley to agree to return to Impact, his favorite tag teams to wrestle, recovering from his third knee surgery, why he wasn’t ready to win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, the Ultimate X structure and much more.

Sabin talked about working backstage as a producer:  “It was really cool.  You develop an appreciation for what goes on behind the curtain when you are in the production truck and seeing what the director does.  They don’t get any of the accolades.  People don’t celebrate them, but they deserve credit for the hard work they do for sure.”

Sabin was asked “When do you feel were the prime years of TNA”:  “Probably 2009 and 2010.  I think that is when everything was at its peak.  It’s hard to say because it’s been up and down.  I would say those years were the best.  I just have really fond memories of being there.  Everyone was happy.  Everyone was having a good time.  Well, I shouldn’t say everyone because people were always unhappy for some reason, but I remember that being a really fun time.  They were saying we are right on the edge of becoming huge.”

Sabin was asked if he learned anything from AJ Styles:  “He didn’t really like me at first.  I don’t know if I wanted to learn from a guy that didn’t like me.  I guess you would have to ask him why he didn’t like me.  We are fine now.  We of course, respect each other.  He is one of my friends and I’ve known him for a long time but I haven’t talked to him in a long time.”

Sabin commented on not being ready to win the TNA Title when he did:  “Basically I was a tag team wrestler in TNA.  From 2007-2011, I was a tag team wrestler as part of the Motor City Machine Guns.  Then my injury happened.  I was out for a year.  I came back.  I had a couple of matches as the Machine Guns.  Then Alex Shelley left and I was on my own.  I did a couple of matches on my own.  I think it was 10 or 11 matches and then I tore my other ACL and was out another year.  So I was out 2 years straight.  They wanted to put the title on me quickly.  This was 2 or 3 months after I came back.  I didn’t feel like I was ready.  I didn’t feel like I knew who I was as a singles wrestler or had enough experience.  I didn’t feel like I was ready for it.  I was only by myself for a couple of months after being out of the ring for a couple years.  I felt it was too quick but I am grateful it happened.  Do I feel I could have done better if they built it up over a year? Yea, but it is what it is.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Chris Van Vliet with a h/t to for the transcription

Check out the full interview by clicking below.


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