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Could Rey Mysterio be headed to TNA?

TNA is really pushing to get Rey Mysterio signed. Dave Meltzer, in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, noted that TNA made a big play for him this past week. Mysterio is expected to be going to Lucha Underground but nothing has been announced yet.

John Gaburick and Dixie Carter talked with Mysterio and the idea that they are pushing is that they could get his merchandise into stores. They also pushed the idea of opening the doors for movies and TV for him. They would basically build around him as their Mexican superstar. This is something that Dixie Carter wanted to do with Hernandez several years ago. TNA also told him that if he signed with them then he could still work anywhere he wanted on his days off.

When Mysterio was a regular on Smackdown several years ago, he was credited with bringing in a large hispanic viewership so this could be a great signing for TNA. There's no word on how much Mysterio was offered by TNA but I Alberto El Patron was being offered a reported $400,000 earlier this year to work minimal dates. It's interesting considering the reports of late paychecks this year.

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