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Could we see Mike Tenay back in TNA?

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

One of the main complaint about TNA/Impact Wrestling has been their announcing. Now that Jeff Jarrett is in charge, there has been speculation on talent being let go and new talent possibly being brought in. There has also been speculation online about someone like Mike Tenay being brought back in. Tenay was let go last year after being replaced by Josh Mathews. Tenay's role was actually downgraded in 2015 when the show was on Destination America.

John Gaburick was the person who made the call to replace Tenay because Gaburick was friends with Mathews from their days in WWE. If TNA wants to bring in Mike Tenay then they will probably have to make a good money offer to him because, as reported by the Wrestling Observer newsletter, Tenay had a high dollar contract when he was there. TNA is currently in cost-cutting mode but it will be interesting to see what changes are made at the next set of tapings.

Last year, Tenay hosted his own podcat on CBS Radio's The podcast focused on sports betting in Las Vegas.

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