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Damien Sandow explains why he signed with TNA



Former WWE star Damien Sandow has signed with TNA Wrestling and will make his promotional debut on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios. Sandow spoke with Rolling Stone about signing with the promotion. Here are the highlights.

On his decision to join TNA: "TNA just seemed like the perfect spot for me. They are a growing company with a proven track record. I really believe that they have their finger on the pulse of what the audience wants, and they will gear their product towards that."

On his conversations with TNA management: "I really was not planning on signing with anybody this soon, I was serious about that. But the way the conversations went with several TNA officials, and the strong feeling of a family atmosphere, really made me want to explore the possibility of getting in the ring sooner than I expected."

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On his goals in the promotion: "I am just looking forward to showcasing myself in a way that I have not been in the past. There is so much talent at TNA that I just can't name one person that I really want to face over another. It's just a pleasure for me to have creative freedom and continue to work with talented supportive people."

You can read the entire interview here.