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Dave Lagana explains why he left TNA

TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling

Dave Lagana, who worked on creative for TNA, announced his departure from TNA back in November. He appeared on episode 150 of The Ross Report to explain why he departed from the company.

Lagana stated that he had five bosses in five years while with TNA and that he has nothing bad to say about his time in the company because it bettered his life as he moved to Nashville and met his girlfriend and established a new life. He stated he worked closely with Matt Conway on creative for the promotion. He noted that he was hired by Jeff Jarrett to work on Ring Ka King and All Wheels Wrestling, but when Vince Russo left the company they asked him to write Impact with Conway. He noted that they were thrown together and told to figure it out while working for Bruce Prichard and Eric Bischoff, which he noted that he has a lot of respect for both men. Shortly after that, John Gabrick became his boss and then eventually Billy Corgan. He stated that when Corgan was gone, he asked who his boss was and that TNA management couldn’t tell him. This was the reason that he decided to leave the company.

He explained that if TNA couldn’t tell him who his boss was then how can they expect him to write Impact, which is a similar reason why he left ROH. He added that he never spoke with the new management (Anthem Sports & Entertainment) and didn’t know what their vision for the company was. Along with the reason that he stated above as well as TNA’s financial issues, he slept on if he should depart from the company and the next day he decided to leave. He noted that he decided to bet on himself. He said that 30 minutes after he departed from TNA that he got hired to do marketing for a client.

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You can listen to the interview here.