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Davey Richards not on good terms with ROH

Davey Richards did an interview with Brian Fritz that was the talk of the ROH locker room. Here’s a quote:

We’re not talking. We’re not on good terms. I have no respect for them whatsoever. I strongly dislike management there with the exception of Jeff Jones, who is a great guy. But the booker (Hunter Johnson) is completely inadequate at his job and he got his job more for being spineless than being talented. And the owner is even worse. He could care less about wrestling. He just wants to do television. To me, it’s just not something I agree with, but I’m not there anymore and they do their own thing. And for the talent, and the fans, I wish them nothing but the best of luck.

I’ve heard that Richards asked management to let him wrestle on Final Battle but they refused and that may be why he buried ROH. The heat with Richards stems from a previous interview and that caused the falling out between and ROH. Richards also said that his time at the WWE Performance Center was weird because everyone was walking on eggshells and afraid of losing their jobs.

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