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Davey Richards on training under "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff, Slammiversary & more

In part one of a two-part interview, one-half of TNA Impact Wrestling’s The Wolves, Davey Richards recently took some time to participate in an interview with Marc Madison of The News Hub. Richards discusses answering the call of The Dirty Heels, what to anticipate at Slammiversery and training under Paul Orndorff. Here are excerpts of the interview below.

His training under "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff

Paul was real old school. When I say old school, people always say what does that mean. He was really just get in there and do the basics over and over and over again I have a lot of respect for what you do where you had to have it perfect because you were taking someone’s life in your hands....

What can we expect from the Wolves at the TNA Slammiversery PPV?

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We are going to do what we always do and go out there and deliver the best package of professional wrestling match that we can on the planet today. For this one, I don’t want to spill the beans but we’re going to have something truly special and something that hasn’t been done in a very long time and it takes a very unique blend and a lot of trust from a company to do and they are going to allow us to do it. It’s going to be something that I think we are going to be remembered for a very long time and something I’m very proud to be a part of. So definitely don’t miss it.

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