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Deonna Purrazzo: "I love that Impact has continued to be a landing zone for people post-WWE"

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Deonna Purrazzo spoke with Sportskeeda this week where she talked about Taya Valkyrie's return to Impact Wrestling, as well as how she felt on The IInspiration leaving the company.

Deonna’s thoughts on Taya Valkyrie returning to Impact Wrestling:

"I love that Impact has continued to be a landing zone for people post-WWE," she said.

"Whether they're stars that have been here before like Taya or somebody brand new like I was, I think it's really great that Impact is continuing to give people other options and keeping the wrestling landscape competitive and healthy."

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On The IInspiration leaving Impact:

"I was just as surprised as everybody else. It has been so great and an honor to share a locker room with both Cassie and Jess and to get to know them as performers, but then also as real life people inside and outside of the ring. I am good friends with both of them," Purrazzo shared.

"I'm just excited for them to take this step into the next phase of their life. They're not saying that they're done with wrestling, they're just taking a step back to focus on other opportunities and whatever else comes their way. So those are my girls, I'm supportive of them 100%, and I can't wait to see them kill it and crush their dreams in whatever other form of entertainment they choose to do it in."

You can view Sportskeeda's full interview with Deonna Purrazzo below.

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