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Deonna Purrazzo is disappointed that there was no female crossover between AEW and Impact Wrestling



Deonna Purrazzo was recently interviewed on the Fightful podcast. She talked about Steve Macklin getting a chance in Impact Wrestling, adjusting without the Knockouts Title, and a lot more.

Deonna on not having the Knockouts Title anymore:

“Mickie (James) and I have been telling such a great story. This was like my real first feud. Not being in that role I think is ok because I was in it for so long, and I really pushed for it over the year to have other people do other things. We have this crossover with AEW and NWA. I really pushed for if it can’t be me, then let it be somebody else. We have so many talented women on our roster that deserve to be in the spot that I was or in a similar spot that I am. It’s nice to see other people getting that opportunity as well.”

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Deonna was asked if she was disappointed that there wasn’t any female crossover between AEW and Impact:

“I think I was a little disappointed because for me, there’s a ton of dream matches with people I haven’t been in the ring with for years or have never been in the ring with prior. But, I think Impact was the hub of all of the crossover, and we got to do a lot of stuff with NWA. Obviously, my match with Melina was one of the headliners of Empowerrr. s disappointing as it was, I try to look at the positive now instead of harping on what could have been. Let’s look at what was.”

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