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Details on what Dixie Carter told the talent at today’s conference call

As noted earlier, Dixie Carter sent an email to the talent roster just before the ROH-Destination America news broke. Also, as noted earlier, TNA was not told about this deal until today. TNA was blindsided by this news and ROH had been talking with Destination America for months.

Dixie Carter confirmed to the talent that there is an “out clause” in the deal with Destination America. She did not get specific and this only came up when it was asked by someone on the conference call. Dixie said that TNA is still making plans for 2016. Dixie told the talent that she feels that the ROH deal will be mutually beneficial for both companies. Dixie came across like she was genuinely optimistic during the conference. Of course, to some people that were on the conference call, it came off like “PR spin” from Dixie.

MVP and Austin Aries were outspoken on the conference call. She was asked about the news from the Wrestling Observer newsletter about Destination America not renewing/cancelling Impact in September. Dixie said, “we have a two year contract and there is an escape clause that is part of TV deals.” She added that she was advised by her lawyers that she could not say more because of a confidentiality clause. This obviously did not go over well with the talent especially after the email sent out last week where Dixie claimed that the stories going around about the company were not true.

The issue of late paychecks came up. Dixie claimed that there was just one check that was more than 10 days late. That got a lot of eyerolls from talent. Dixie did not mention the story that was going around last week about her saying something derogatory about Destination America and accidentally CC’ing a top executive at Discovery in the email. It should be noted that no one in TNA has denied the story.

So, just to recap, nothing much was said and Dixie Carter did not confirm or deny the cancellation news.

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