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Disco Inferno: “Jerry Jarrett politicked for me to be the world champion” in TNA

On this week’s episode of “Keepin It 100,” Disco Inferno and Konnan discussed a wide variety of topics including the #SpeakingOut movement, TNA in 2003 and more. They also answer listener questions on The Ultimate Warrior, Cody Rhodes turning heel, FTR, Konnan vs. Vampiro, Bret Hart vs. Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and more.

Here are some highlights on the conversation about TNA in 2003:

Disco talking about TNA in 2003: “When CM Punk came to TNA, Jeff (Jarrett) and Vince (Russo) didn’t know much about him at all. I knew him from the indies. I thought he was a pretty good indie worker. He was like the main event in Pittsburgh. Raven was the one politicking for Punk when he came in. I don’t remember a lot about that. They put Punk in a gimmick and he ended up doing some stuff but not a lot that I remember. Me and Mike Sanders beat Davari and Mr. Kennedy on one of these shows. These were the indie guys. Bert Prentice used to book a lot of these guys. The women were good. Let me tell you why they were good. We didn’t do long matches with the girls. We would have to do cat fights and brawls. They were kind of green but they were snug. We would use the girls in cat fight spots and they would get a pop. I remember the Trinity – Kid Cash match. That was a very disturbing match to watch. Cash and her were dating and Cash was lighting her up. It was very uncomfortable to watch.”

Disco talking about the behind the scenes politics in TNA in 2003: He addressed the rumor of Raven and Vince Russo on one side and Jeff Jarrett on the other trying to convince Dixie Carter that their ideas were better: Disco said: “Partially true. Raven was the one doing that. Vince was always strictly business. Raven was trying to take over the company. He wanted to be in charge. Vince was the writer of the show, that’s it. Jeff was still the head of creative. Vince was off producing vignettes all day and writing the show. Vince would not politic. Dixie always leaned on Vince because she would be in the middle. Butting heads, with us and Jeff was creative. It was never at the show. With Raven and Jeff, it was personal. Both wanted to be the guy in charge. I didn’t want to be in the title picture. I wanted to be in the sh*t disturber picture” Konnan said “One great thing about Raven that you have to give him credit for. Raven had no trepidation burying Jarrett in public, in person, or in private.” Disco said: “Jerry Jarrett politicked for me to be the world champion.”

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