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Dixie Carter injured at the NYC TNA tapings

TNA President Dixie Carter was not at last night's Impact taping in New York City. She was not scheduled to be on TV since she would have been selling from being put through a table on Thursday night's taping but she was also not backstage at the show like usual. The reason being was that she was legitimately hurt when she was put through the table by Bully Ray even though Bully did everything he could to protect her the same way he protected Mae Young when he did the spot with her years ago in WWE.

Carter was said to be pretty banged up and since she's not used to taking bumps she probably it probably affected her worse than it would for anyone else. There was talk that she may have suffered a concussion and may have hurt her back. Carter has had back issues in the past. There is always a chance that the backstage stories are just a work and they are just being floated out so they get reported and she can sell the injuries but she did take a hell of a bump on Thursday night. Either way, that should be it for her in the storylines, at least for a while.

If you missed the bump she took you can see it below.

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