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Dixie Carter says surprises & big changes are coming, gives details on new TV deal, & much more

Jeremy Borash interviewed Dixie Carter today. Here is a recap of what she said. You can also scroll down and click on the player to listen to the interview.

She said that 2014 was a year that she was really proud of. She said she's proud of the changes, the wrestling, the storylines, and the move to the 6-sided ring. She said that over 80 percent of fans voted for the 6-sided ring.

She said that the last half of the year she was taking meetings with networks.

She said that she will forever be grateful to Spike TV and they were great partners. She thanked Kevin Kay and the team at Spike. She said that she felt early in the year that the company needed something different and they needed to grow the brand and shake things up. She said that she wanted a partner on a much bigger level.

She said that she wanted to give all of the details to the talent while negotiations were going on. She said that she told the talent as much as she possibly could. She wanted a network to advertise on a different level and let TNA be the centerpiece of the network. She talked about being pretty emotional at one of the talent meetings when she laid out what she wanted for the company.

Borash said that one talent asked to look them in the eye and just assure them that there would be a TV deal. She did so and told them there would be a TV deal. She said that she never did not feel 100 percent of support from everybody. She said that she wasn't going to let people down but she also wasn't going to take a bad deal.

She said the locker room is better than ever and it's a great atmosphere and that helps everybody because it's not stressful backstage and they have the support of their peers and the office and that helped her tremendously.

She said that the talent were the first people that she told about the TV deal via conference call. She says everyone is excited and supportive. She said there will be changes happening and they will start to see the support on a different level. She said that there's a lot of announcements and changes coming.

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She said that Abyss said that this feels like a fresh start.

She said that the changes will start soon. She said there's real meat to some of the changes and there will be some new faces. She said that some really great talent came back. She hopes some more faces return along with new faces. She loves the young roster that they have now and this is probably the best, freshest group of talent that they've ever had. She gives credit to head of talent relations John Gaburick. She said that some of the young talent has made massive strides in such a short period of time.

Jeremy Borash said that Kurt Angle is choosing to stay with TNA and he announced the news on Vince Russo's podcast. Dixie Carter seemed happy to hear it and seemed to indicate that this was the first she'd heard of Kurt's decision. She said that she wants Kurt to retire in TNA and he was their first massive signing and she can't put into words how much he's meant to the company. She said he brings so much to the company and wants him in the company for the rest of the career. She wants him to represent them on different levels as well. She said he's in amazing shape and his head is on straight and it could be the year of Kurt Angle.

Borash mentioned Jeff Hardy. Dixie said that there's only one star that's bigger than Jeff Hardy and that's his little daughter. Dixie said she's lucky to have him at this stage of his life and there will never be another Jeff Hardy and she's proud to have him on the team.

Dixie talked about Destination America. She said it's a smaller channel. She said that if you look at it as apples to apples compared to Spike then you'd think shes crazy but she said Discovery Communications is committed to growing that network and they've been promised to be supported across all of their platforms. She said this is not just a United States deal, this is a global deal and there's opportunity for other markets that they are not already in. She said there will be other programming and exciting changes as it relates to that and it's so much bigger than just moving Impact to another network. She said she can't wait until people see how big this is. She said there is no bigger deal that they could have done and they intend to make Destination America a household name.

Borash asked about India and the UK. She said that the story Mahabali Shera is incredible and they are committed to the market in India and they will do a lot of different things in that country. She talked about British Bootcamp ratings doubling this season and hopefully they can do a season 3. She talked about the amazing amount of talent in the UK. She said Rockstar Spud exceeded expectations and he's worked his butt off to get to this stage and has knocked it out of the park. She said she's struggling between a few guys for the season finale.

She talked about the UK TV tapings next month. She said it's what she wanted to do and wanted to make sure it worked from a scheduling standpoint. She said that she wants everything to be a party when fans walk in the door until they leave the arena.

She's excited about going back to NYC for the TV tapings next month. She said her back is better and people don't realize that she really did break her back in 3 places. She said that some big things are planned along with some surprises planned and we should find out some stuff in the next few days for the NYC shows.