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Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson on AJ Styles’ reaction to them signing with Impact Wrestling



Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson recently did an interview with Gary Cassidy of SportsKeeda to discuss signing with Impact Wrestling after hitting the free-agent market.

Once being let go by WWE in April due to budget cuts, they had to wait until July before they could sign deals with Impact Wrestling in addition to returning to NJPW once able to do so when things settle down with the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the interview, they were asked about the reaction of AJ Styles to them going to Impact. Of course, Styles had a successful run in Impact, formerly known as TNA Wrestling, where he was a top star for the company over several years.

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In fact, before Styles joined WWE, he alongside Gallows and Anderson were in talks with Impact about going to the promotion as a trio.

Gallows: “He called when he knew that it was actually confirmed but, you know, he's busy doing his schedule in WWE and we were busier than we've ever been. Putting together all the stuff we're working on so he called and said he was happy once it was done but I don't think we ever actually went to AJ for advice on whether we should do it or not.”

Anderson: “Ultimately, we're going to talk AJ Styles into coming back to IMPACT. That's what we're doing every single day. We're texting him and telling him to come back.”

Gallows and Anderson also talked about the other free agents who signed with Impact, the current locker room, and more. Check out the full interview here.