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Don West thanks fans for their support as he battles brain lymphoma

NewsRadio 560 KPQ

NewsRadio 560 KPQ

Former Impact Wrestling announcer Don West announced last month via a letter sent out by NewsRadio 560 KPQ in Washington State that he has been diagnosed with brain lymphoma.

The letter noted that he was to begin immediate treatment. West’s sister-in-law launched a GoFundMe campaign to help with expenses with the goal to raise $40,000. There have been various wrestlers who have donated to the campaign such as Cody Rhodes, Matt Cardona, Max Caster, Gail Kim, Christopher Daniels, and more.

West took to Twitter to issue a statement by thanking the fans for their support and noting that he’s adamant about beating cancer and getting back on the air again.

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“I know that I am going through a tough deal but seeing all of your well wishes has boosted my spirit tremendously. Thank you to everyone for your support and your prayers and your kindness and I am going to beat this cancer so that I can go on the air again.”

West worked for TNA Wrestling, currently known as Impact, from 2002-2012. He also did guest commentary at Impact’s 2017 Slammiversary pay-per-view.