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Eddie Edwards comments on his recovery from surgery

Impact Wrestling star Eddie Edwards was suffering from appendicitis in late May and had to undergo surgery for it.

Typically, doctors give a time frame of around 3 months before someone can be able to return to physical activity.

While doing an interview with Sports Illustrated, Edwards went into detail about the situation.

He started out by noting that he didn’t want to make a big deal out of it and tried to sleep it off as he felt like he had a stomachache. However, the pain kept getting more severe. He felt that it would be silly if he went to the hospital for a stomachache, but after some of the wrestlers looked at him, they encouraged him to go and get checked out.

“The pain just got worse and worse,” Edwards says. “When I saw the doctor, he quickly could tell I had appendicitis. So I had surgery and stayed in the hospital for a night. I was willing to fly home right away, but Tommy didn’t think I should be flying so soon after the surgery. Impact extended my stay in the hotel for six days, and then I flew home a week later. I’ve been back in the gym, and now I’m good to go.”

It appeared he was in line for a future title shot against Impact Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega this summer. The surgery nixed those plans for the time being.

In his most recent match, Edwards teamed with David Finlay and Juice Robinson in a six-man tag team match to beat Omega, Doc Gallows, and Karl Anderson at the Under Siege special.

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