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Eddie Edwards will be challenging Josh Alexander for the Impact Championship at Bound for Glory on October 7th. During his interview with Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston, Edwards was asked to give his thoughts on the match:

"It's been the staple. It's our biggest event of the year. To be able to do it in the main event with the world title online against Josh Alexander, it's like the perfect storm. The company obviously believes in Josh. That's clear and that’s for good reason, but they've given me a shot here in the main event, and I plan on going out there and do what I do best, and take that belt home."

"Bound for Glory, main-eventing the biggest show of the year, I mean, it's always been a goal. You know, everybody's goal is to be a world champion and main event the biggest show of the year, and I'm lucky enough that this year, I get to check that one off the bucket list and hopefully, like I said, leave with that world title."

Edwards was asked if there is someone in wrestling that he would like to wrestle inside an Impact ring:

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"I think one of the best things about Impact, especially in the last few years, or couple years, it's become a destination, where for a long time, it was the redheaded stepchild, I don't know if I can still say that. But you know, it was one of those things where TNA or Impact, people had this misconception where it wasn't a place where people wanted to go to work. But I'm proud to say that over my tenure, over the last few years especially, it's become a place that has a really positive effect on everybody. You hear through the grapevine through other companies, people who come and go, and we have a good working relationship with a lot of different companies where guys and girls come to the company and they leave, but they're happy and they enjoy working for Impact. So right now, I feel like Impact of course is the place to be, but I think our door is open to anybody. I think that adds a little bit of mystique and mystery for Bound for Glory. There's a lot of free agents. For me, I'm down for wrestling anybody. I welcome anybody to come to Impact. I've been here for a long time. I'm proud to be one of the gatekeepers. I want to be that guy that welcomes outsiders to come in and, let's see what you got, type of thing. Bound for Glory, you never know what's gonna happen."

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