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Eric Bischoff considered legit knocking out Jeff Hardy at the infamous TNA Victory Road PPV

This week on, Eric Bischof and Conrad Thompson covered TNA Victory Road 2011. This was the infamous show where Jeff Hardy was supposed to face Sting but the match was cut short because of Hardy being inebriated.

Here are some highlights from the podcast:

Bischoff talking about Jeff Hardy being impaired going into his match with Sting at Victory Road:

“Once I got close to Jeff, it was obvious he was f**ked up. Whoever the agent was, he essentially said, “He’s f*cked up. He’s too fucked up to work.” Then it became, ok, who’s calling this because it wasn’t my job. I was the executive producer of the television show. I, technically, had no authority whatsoever and had no official role in the PPV unless I was a talent or unless I was asked to input on creative which often I was, but not always. I’m standing there waiting for someone to make a decision and no decision is being made.

Now Jeff is making his way to the ring…There were two things that were crossing my mind and they were happening simultaneously. My first instinct, because I was a heel, I thought I might, and this is going to sound like tough guy s**t. By the way, my daughter could have knocked out Jeff Hardy at that point. So, this isn’t bad a**, tough guy, bull s**t. I could have gotten a 12 year old from ringside to go in and punch Jeff in the mouth and he would have dropped like a rock. My first thought, because it seemed like the easiest, most direct line between A and B, is for me and my heel character to go out and just knock him out. Just drop him and then have the referee call the match and there would be a disqualification or whatever we can come up with.

But, by the time I walked through the curtain, by the time I got halfway down the aisle, I realized that wouldn’t work because of the no DQ thing. I started improving a story and laying out a promo. What I was trying to do was buy time to figure out how to communicate with Jeff, the referee, and Sting, because now I have to rewrite the show while I’m in the ring and the show is happening and one of the people in the match is completely disabled and not able to continue. So, I did what I did. I basically told Jeff, “Take his finish. We’re going to shorten this up. Take his f**king finish.”

Then I went to Sting. That’s where I had to get a little more creative because I was trying to talk to Sting at the same time I was trying to cut a promo and trying to hide it all and make it look like it was part of the show. I basically told Sting, “Hit him with your finish. Get him the f**k out of here. Let’s go home.”

Bischoff on if he would have brought Jeff Hardy back after this incident:

“I was adamant about not bringing Jeff back. It wasn’t my call and I’m not even sure if anybody asked me my opinion, but I expressed it anyway because I felt that strongly about it. But, Dixie was determined, not that she needed me to compromise because I wasn’t in any part of authority. My advice to her was if you are going to bring him back, you at least need to hold him accountable by making him apologize to every single guy on the roster. That was my idea. Not because I wanted to hear it because I didn’t give a f**k because I was done with Jeff Hardy at the time. I wouldn’t have given him the time of day at that point because I was so angry with him for being as unprofessional as he was…Jeff did come in and he manned up. My opinion of Jeff actually changed after that but, that day, it was like, what the f**k? Why even spend five minutes bringing talent together in a room to listen to his bulls**t.”

Bischoff tells us his opinion of Jeff Hardy today:

“I want to make sure I’m clear about this. I changed my opinion of Jeff because of the responsibility that he took afterwards. I actually developed more respect for Jeff Hardy as a result of what happened than what I had going into it.”

During the podcast, Bischoff also talked about the other matches on the show including AJ Styles vs. Matt Hardy, Ken Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer vs. Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy’s match with Sting ending early. Bischoff explains what happened during and after the match and he details how he feels about Hardy today.

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