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Eric Bischoff explains why Jimmy Hart left TNA in 2011

This week on, Eric Bischof and Conrad Thompson covered TNA Victory Road 2011. This was the infamous show where Jeff Hardy was supposed to face Sting but the match was cut short because of Hardy being inebriated.

Jimmy Hart returned to TNA in 2010 around the time of Hulk Hogan’s signing and he briefly managed the Nasty Boys but his run was short.

Bischoff was asked why Jimmy Hart left TNA during this time period:

“Jimmy was frustrated. I think probably with me. I was a big part of it. Not the sole reason for it, but I firmly believed that I did not want to see Jimmy Hart on TV.

We had seen so much of Jimmy Hart on television for so long. If you ever watched a Jimmy Hart interview, if you see Hulk Hogan or anybody that Jimmy is managing, Jimmy is always making sure he’s got his face in the camera. It’s too much. There was a point in time in WCW where Jimmy Hart, you would see him on camera four or five times throughout a two-hour show because he’s managing two or three or four different people. It’s like, enough.

I felt like Jimmy’s character, while it worked in the ‘70s and ‘80s and the ’90s, by 1995, 1996, in WCW, I had seen so much of Jimmy Hart and the character no longer fit the times that I just didn’t want to see it anymore. I think Jimmy, and I don’t know this because Jimmy and I never spoke about this. Jimmy is too classy of a cat to ever b**ch about anything like this, but, he was just frustrated. He didn’t feel like he was being utilized. He wanted to be more involved. He felt like he was being put in a little shoebox and stuck over in a corner so he moved on and went back to WWE.”

During the podcast, Bischoff also talked about the other matches on the show including AJ Styles vs. Matt Hardy, Ken Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer vs. Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy’s match with Sting ending early. Bischoff explains what happened during and after the match and he details how he feels about Hardy today.

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