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Eric Bischoff says Aces & Eights storyline was influenced by the NWO and Sons of Anarchy

During a recent interview with CBS Sports, Eric Bischoff talked about The Aces & Eights storyline in TNA in 2012:

“This storyline doesn’t get a lot of print because it happened in TNA, but I’m really proud of the structure and detail that went into the Aces & Eights storyline. I thought that was a really well executed storyline. It was a storyline where I was able to apply everything that I learned, both good and bad while developing other stories, including the NWO. I was able to take that experience, polish it, recognize the flaws in it, and improve it, and that was really the Aces & Eights storyline in TNA.  It certainly didn’t get the acclaim of NWO for a lot of reasons, but in terms of story structure and detail, I thought that was really well done.”

He continued, “Truth be known, there was a little bit of the NWO formula in there. There was a lot of the NWO formula, the elements of the story. The anticipation, the surprise, the action, and the reality of it. So there were a lot of the main elements of the NWO story within Aces & Eights, but the characters were completely different. Truth be known, it was a derivative of something that was very popular on television at the time, Sons of Anarchy.  It was like, how do we take this phenomenon that was currently hot on television and turn it into a wrestling storyline, but using a lot of the elements and things that I’ve learned? Again, by mistakes and things that I’ve learned by mistakes, clean it up, and create a new storyline. That was Aces & Eights. It was a fun experience.”

Bischoff also talked about WWE’s creative issues, the WCW reboot, AEW, Tony Khan, Paul Heyman, and more. Click below for the full interview.

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