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Eric Young's segments on Impact said to be among the lowest rated; news on why Bobby Lashley is TNA champion

The experiment to put the TNA title on Eric Young didn't work based on the ratings for his segments. The weekly pattern (except last week when he lost the title to Bobby Lashley) were the lowest rated part of Impact. It's unfair to blame Eric Young. The reason for the low rated segments has more to do with how they've portrayed Young on television over the past several years.

The feeling on Bobby Lashley is that he looks the part with his physique and he has the most legitimate credibility of any of the guys on the roster.

TNA touted his credentials in amateur wrestling, the Army, WWE, and noted that he was an MMA fighter, in a recent press release. Lashley is scheduled to defend the title on tonight's Impact taping against Jeff Hardy. The winner of that match defends the title against Austin Aries on tomorrow's tapings as part of the Destination X show.

Lashley and Eric Young did a staredown on Fox and Friends this week so they may be doing another match on Friday's tapings.

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