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Ethan Carter III talks about TNA locker room and if he still watches WWE

Former TNA Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III took part in a Reddit AMA on Tuesday to promote TNA’s debut on Pop TV. Here are the highlights.

On the TNA locker room:

“We have that with Hardys/Angle/etc. I think the locker room when given the chance is of the highest quality and realize what is at stake. The effort will be there on their part. I assure you.”

On if he watches WWE:

“I view them as the biggest show in this game. I watch constantly because I do not improve if I don’t watch what is taking place in all aspects of wrestling. As far as if it’s somewhere I want to go back, my focus is on where I am at, what I am doing, and what I am in control of. TNA is where I am at. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity here. I will always have a chip on my shoulder. A prove them wrong/ftw attitude. I like my angst. It helps me. Keeps me on edge.”

You can check out the full post at this link.


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