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Ethan Carter on Kurt Angle/WWE, TNA’s TV future, Vince McMahon, Triple H, and more

by Glenn Moore

I’m Glenn Moore (@GlennMooreCLE), and myself and my co-host, Steve Guy, just completed our second episode of “The This Is Awesome Wrestling Show”, which is on @CLESound.
Our second episode had TNA’s Ethan Carter III as our guest.
EC3 interview starts around the 27 minute mark; it lasts 30 minutes.

Some of the topics Carter talked about:
Will Kurt Angle go back to TNA or go to WWE?
 – He answers by saying I don’t know. He minds his own business.
Being able to have creative freedom with his promos, with the help of a committee. Also, if he feels like he has improved from his first appearance on TNA and also comments on being thrust into main storyline from the start.
Will TNA Impact Wrestling remain on SpikeTV?
 – He says to expect an announcement really soon.
His t-shirt being seen on Raw this week; guy ringside was wearing his Trouble t-shirt
Cleveland producing The Miz, Ziggler, EC3 and Jessicka Hovak.
Facing top guys in the business like Kurt Angle, Sting, Bully Ray
Competition between WWE and TNA, if there is any
Also plays word association, and has answers to Triple H, Vince McMahon, Sting, Kurt Angle, Dixie Carter
 – Mentions he has no ill feelings towards Triple H; just to one person whom he has hired in position of power
The This Is Awesome Wrestling Show is a weekly broadcast dedicated to professional wrestling. Hosts, Glenn Moore and Steve Guy, recap the week that was in WWE and TNA and interview some of the top names in the industry. You can hear every episode on

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