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Expected date for TNA’s India Tour, Pop TV launches on cable provider


- TNA is planning to hold their India Tour sometime in the summer. The tour was supposed to take place late last year but was postponed to several reasons. At the time, TNA management was saying that "safety concerns" caused them to cancel the tour of India. There were also rumors of the airline tickets being more pricier than expected due to a delay with the company purchasing tickets.

- Pop TV launched this past Friday on Cablevision. Now, fans are able to watch the show every Tuesday evening on channel 154. Pop will launch on AT&T U-verse in March.

As we reported earlier on the site, Comcast, the largest cable provider in the United States, has moved Pop TV to a higher cable package. Now, fans who want to watch TNA on Pop TV will have to upgrade their cable package. This could lead to TNA drawing fewer viewers for Impact Wrestling on the network.

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