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Former Impact Wrestling World Champion says the company’s current direction is “just sad”

Impact Wrestling is seemingly experiencing a major financial crisis, with a number of talent effected as a result. Just over the past few weeks alone, a number of talent have left the promotion, including names such as Earl Hebner, Rockstar Spud, Taryn Terrell, Eddie Kingston, Reno Scum, and Brian Stiffler. Referee Robert King stated that he spent a year on his own dime traveling to Impact Wrestling to gain a position, but was never signed.

We recently reported that former Impact Wrestling World Champion James Storm could also be on his way out of the company. Moreover, there is a good chance that this hole of talent leaving the company may not be completely patched up just yet, as the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that this current of cuts is being done to keep Impact Wrestling afloat.

Former Impact Wrestling World Champion Nick “Magnus” Aldis was recently asked on Twitter about his thoughts on the current direction of the company. Aldis stated that the direction is “just sad,” and it is not the company he used to work for.

When I interviewed Aldis on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show, here is what he had to say regarding the contract offered to him.

“A contract was offered to me, which I declined… Anthem offered me a contract, I read the contract, it’s not something that — I’ll say this in the nicest way that I can; it’s not a contract that anyone with any value, any sense of self-value or self-worth would sign. To me, the only time you should put your name on the dotted line, is if you are getting something in return. Because, otherwise, you may as well be an independent contractor. There’s no point in signing a contract to make you exclusive to one place if you’re not getting anything in return.”

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