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Former TNA star announces his retirement from wrestling

Former TNA star Jessy Sorensen announced his retirement today on his twitter account. He posted the following:

"As of today I'm officially done wrestling, this has nothing to do with injuries it's a personal choice. Thank u to everyone who supported me. Thank you to everyone who trained me, looked out for me & supported me. Nothing but love & respect for each & everyone of y'all! God bless! And thank you to my fans! Love y'all & will always be here for you."

You may remember that Sorensen worked in the X-Division just a couple of years ago and was temporarily paralyzed in a pay-per-view match with Zema Ion. Sorensen nearly died from the accident. The company gave him a backstage role in production and then released him last year.

Sorensen would say in a shoot interview that he was promised a lifetime job with the company. He also noted that he had to pay his own medical bills. His mother filed for bankruptcy because of his medical bills. People from TNA's side would state that they had no choice but to release him because he wanted to wrestle but the company did not want to risk it with his neck issues. He did end up wrestling on the independent scene. Sorensen underwent surgery for a broken ankle earlier this year and has not wrestled since.

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We wish him well in whatever career path he chooses.