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Former TNA star rips TNA and says he was told that he was "not being Mexican enough"

Former TNA star Hernandez was on the V2 Wrestling Podcast recently. Here are some highlights:

On Chavo Guerrero doing things similar to Eddie Guerrero in the ring:

“TNA wanted him t do that. You know damn well when he was in WWE he wasn’t doing that crap. Why else would he do it? The guys’ been wrestling 20 years. He’s not retarded. He’s an excellent wrestler. Why would you want to be a novelty act? They didn’t even give us a team name because they wanted to sell Guerrero T-shirts.”

On why LAX was so good:

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“The reason why you saw LAX being so good and so strong on TV was because Konnan literally had to threaten to quit and take his bag and roll into the parking lot every time they came up with some corny ass idea for LAX.”

On a possible return to TNA:

“You wrestle somewhere eight years, you do every stupid semi-racist vignette. I know how a Mexican looks, acts and talks. I don’t need a 50-year-old white man (presumably Vince Russo) telling me I’m not being Mexican enough.”

You can listen to the podcast by clicking here.