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Wrestlers have been slapping their leg when doing kicks in matches to make it sound better for decades.

In recent years, superkicks and other kicks have been done more frequently in matches. Some wrestlers have complained publicly about the current generation of wrestlers slapping their leg. Wrestlers doing "thigh slapping" or "leg slapping" dates back to the 50s when Mr. Wrestling II would do a back slap on his opponents when he would hit a knee lift. Many wrestlers in all decades have also been known to slap their leg or opponents back.

A new trend as of late has been wrestlers slapping the leg when throwing forearms to make it come across better. However, former TNA star Angelina Love isn’t a fan of this idea and has urged wrestlers to stop doing it.

“Stop slapping your leg when you throw a forearm please! A forearm does not need the leg slap sound lol. Please. Stop. Please.”

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In March 2021, WWE started fining wrestlers for "thigh slapping" when throwing kicks to add sound effects, and it later led to an edict issued to ban thigh slapping.