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Former WWE manager joins Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling / Anthem Sports & Entertainment

Impact Wrestling / Anthem Sports & Entertainment

With Dixie Carter completely gone from Impact Wrestling and Jeff Jarrett running things for the promotion, some of the old TNA regime has returned to the company, which has been rebranded as Impact Wrestling.

Dutch Mantell, formerly known as Zeb Colter in WWE, officially announced on Twitter that he has returned to Impact Wrestling in a "creative/advisory" role. His first run in the company was from 2003–2009 and during that time he served as writer, producer, and an agent. Mantell posted the following on Twitter:

Mantell was backstage with Jarrett at January’s Impact Wrestling TV tapings and will be backstage at the upcoming TV tapings at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL in early March. These tapings will be very interesting as this will be the first taping under Jarrett’s creative team, so expect changes with their presentation of the show and storylines.

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