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Brian Myers has announced that he extended his contract with Impact Wrestling through 2023.

Myers returned to the promotion in July 2020 after WWE released him in April 2020.

“This was an easy decision for me,” Myers told Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated. “It’s a place where my talent is going to get the most opportunity. That’s what is important to me. I think what we do in the ring is so precious. Father Time is eventually going to get us all, but I don’t want to stop doing what I’m doing until I have to. This is very important to me.”

In addition to working for Impact, Myers is part of the Major Wrestling Figure brand with Matt Cardona and runs Create A Pro Wrestling with Pat Buck.

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Myers noted that his goals for 2023 are winning the Impact Wrestling World Title and getting one of his Create A Pro wrestlers working in Impact.

In WWE, Myers held the Raw Tag Team Titles twice with Zack Ryder (Matt Cardona). In Impact, he has held the Impact Digital Media Championship and TNA World Tag Team Championship.