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Future of TNA Impact in Orlando uncertain

Last month TNA sent out a press release touting the return of TNA to Orlando. They were able to secure a different soundstage in Universal Studios and declared that Orlando would be their hub for their new #IMPACT365 initiative.

Reports online today reveal that TNA does not have anything scheduled in Orlando anytime soon because the soundstage has been booked for other events. This Thursday will be the last episode (taped last month) to air from Universal Studios. They will be taping shows this month in Huntsville, Alabama and then they head over to the United Kingdom for 6 weeks of TV tapings. After that they do not have a permanent home to return to so it looks like they will need to tape on the road again.

This could end up being a major story because it costs them $600,000 per taping and right now the company is cutting costs at every corner.

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