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GFW is considering signing an all-time great

GFW / Anthem Media

GFW / Anthem Media

Jim Cornette has done a lot in his legendary career as a figure in the pro wrestling community and it looks like we might be seeing even more of Corney very soon. He's been with just about every major wrestling promotion in North America at one point or another and new reports say he might be going back to one of his old stomping grounds.

The latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports Global Force Wrestling is thinking about bringing Jim Cornette into the company as a television character. It is unknown what stage this thinking is in but there have been reported talks within GFW to bring Jim in to use him on television.

Cornette worked with TNA in the past and if you've ever heard him rant about his time with the company on one of his podcasts then you've heard plenty about his opinions of Dixie Carter Land. But with Carter no longer in control that might be the opening Cornette needs to come back to the company. It could also be possible his extremely popular podcasts and "Cult Of Cornette" might also be an attractive aspect in GFW's eyes.

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It will be interesting to see if Cornette pops up at the upcoming GFW television tapings as they are scheduled to put an impressive twelve weeks of television in the can. That amount of television will take care of GFW's Impact television show until November and who knows if Cornette will be one of the many surprises Global Force Wrestling might have planned for their upcoming set of episodes?

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