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GFW says Alberto El Patron will be back at Bound For Glory

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Global Force Wresting had a tough decision to make when Alberto El Patron and Paige got into a very public fight which resulted in the police being called. Although a police investigation cleared Alberto El Patron from any charges due to the incident which happened at an Orlando airport, GFW still suspended him. They said his actions were unfit for a World Champion and also vacated his title.

There have been a lot of people worried about the current state of GFW recently. There were reports saying Anthem Sports is looking to sell the company because they haven't been able to turn a profit. The fact of the matter is it might be a long time until GFW can rebuild itself to the point where they are making any money.

But Alberto's status with GFW might have gotten a little clearer recently during a recent GFW Creative conference call.

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GFW's John Gaburick said they have plans for Alberto and they're excited that he's going to be coming back at Bound For Glory.

It's uncertain at this time what he'll exactly be doing, after all he was rumored to do battle with Jeff Jarrett at the show. But it seems like Alberto's indefinite suspension might be soon coming to a close.

Hopefully, Alberto's involvement with GFW once again will help maintain the company and show its worth. But Global Force Wrestling has quite an uphill battle ahead of them if recent reports are any clue of things.

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