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GFW signs a new TV deal for 2018

One of the big questions surrounding Global Force Wrestling has been the status of their TV deal. If they were to lose their deal in the United States then the company would be on life support because their main source of revenue comes from their TV deals in the United Kingdom and India. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that GFW has signed a new deal with Pop TV that would keep them on the air with them in 2018. In one sense, it’s good because they are guaranteed to be on the air for another year but it’s not great financially because the deal with Pop TV is for an ad revenue split and pro wrestling has a hard time getting decent ad money.

This deal also means that they will probably continue to hover around 300,000 viewers each week. They are already running on a limited budget which means that they will probably continue doing several weeks of tapings in Orlando and this also makes it harder for them to become a touring company again.

The obvious goal is to grow their TV audience so that they can command more money from a cable network and hopefully, make the product hot so that they can do more live events and make money on ticket sales and merchandise. The Pop TV deal limits all of that.

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