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GFW Slammiversary XV results: Alberto El Patron is the new Unified World Heavyweight Champion

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Welcome to our live GFW Slammiversary coverage. The company is celebrating their 15-year anniversary and the show will be headlined by Bobby Lashley vs. Alberto El Patron in an Impact vs. GFW title unification match.

Robert Flores and Don West are calling the action tonight.

Pre-Show Match

Allie, Mahabali Shera, and Braxton Sutter defeated Laurel Van Ness, KM and Kongo Kong

Main card

Impact Wrestling and GFW Tag Team Championship – Fatal Four-Way
LAX (Champions) defeated Drago & El Hijo del Fantasma and Naomichi Marafuji & Taiji Ishimori and Laredo Kid & Garza Jr.

Awesome match to start the show off. The crowd was into everything and this match included some really cool and innovative spots. In the end, the champions came out on top. Really really good match. Konnan cut a promo after the match. He said that LAX would be expanding and someone else is joining the group. Unfortunately, that was spoiled already. Click here to find out more.

Backstage, Joseph Park told Jeremy Borash that he was able to get their match changed to a No DQ match. Borash did not like that one bit but Park teased that they could rely on an old friend. That was a tease for the return of Abyss.

Moose and DeAngelo Williams defeated Eli Drake and Chris Adonis

Moose and Adonis started the match. Williams tagged in about a minute into the match and took on Drake. Williams clearly took this seriously because he looked good in the ring for someone at his level of experience. He did a bunch of stuff including a standing moonsault and a reverse diamond cutter. He even did a senton splash and a double senton splash on Moose's back. He executed his moves like a wrestler would, not like a celebrity faking his way through a match. Moose and Williams brought a table into the ring. Williams did a splash onto Adonis. The table was supposed to break but Williams overshot it a little bit but he still got the pin. That was impressive. Williams has a future in wrestling if he wants to continue as a pro wrestler. After the match, they brought Drake into the ring and powerbombed him through the table in the ring.

Strap Match
EC3 defeated James Storm

Both men will be attached to a strap. Storm got some revenge on EC3 for the lashing he took several weeks ago. Several minutes into this match, Storm was able to handcuff both of EC3's hands on the top rope. Storm lashed him over 30 times. Referee Brian Hebner unlocked the handcuffs to allow the match to continue. Storm hit the 1 percenter on EC3 and almost got a pinfall. The tide of the match turned when EC3 pulled Storm's head into the ringpost. EC3 hit the 1 percenter and went for the pin but Storm kicked out. Storm slapped the hell out of EC3 and hit a superkick to the face. Storm fell down face first, apparently still feeling the effects from the ring post from earlier. EC3 picked up a lifeless Storm and hit the modified version of the pedigree/DDT and then pinned him. Doctors came out to check on Storm. Bob Ryder was also at ringside.

Backstage, Karen Jarrett asked Dutch Mantell if he's seen Bruce Prichard. Apparently, no one has seen him.

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They cut back to the arena. Storm was holding his neck.

The Pope joined the announcer's desk before the next match got started.

Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash defeated Scott Steiner and Josh Mathews 

Steiner wrestled with a shirt on and did basic Steiner stuff. At one point, he chased Borash and Park to the back with a guardrail in his hand. Mathews and Steiner got in a golf cart and attempted to run over Borash and Park. Park and Borash sprayed a fire extinguisher at them. Steiner and Mathews stole a truck and chased after their opponents. All of this was shot similar to how they shot the stuff at Matt Hardy's compound last year. Borash and Mathews ended up fighting in someone's pool while Steiner and Park battled in some other location. Shark Boy made a cameo in the pool and Father James Mitchell appeared to give some words of encouragement to get the inner Abyss out of Joseph Park. This is awesome! Borash, Steiner, and Mathews all made their way back to ringside. Mathews got shoved by Chef Robert Irvine. Mathews attempted a splash in the ring by Borash moved out of the way and speared him but Steiner but an end to that. Steiner was about to lock in the Steiner Recliner. Shark Boy ran down to the ring and tried to clean house but Steiner nailed him with an overhead suplex. Steiner locked in the Steiner Recliner but Abyss' music played. Father James Mitchell appeared on the rampway and Abyss (in his ol school gear) appeared in the ring and cleaned house. Abyss poured thumbtacks in the ring and then hit the black hole slam on Josh. Borash hit a frog splash and Abyss got the pin. Fun match and the show has been good overall.

Backstage interview with Alberto El Patron. His father, Dos Caras, is in attendance tonight and will be in his corner.

Full Metal Mayhem Match
Eddie and Alisha Edwards defeated Davey Richards and Angelina Love

Eddie and Alisha ambushed Davey and Angelina as they made their way to the ring and weapons were used at the start of the match. This was a crazy match with all sorts of weapons used including ladders, tables, trash cans and even thumbtacks in Eddie's mouth. Eddie got the pin on Davey to end this blood feud.

X-Division Championship (Two-Out-Of-Three-Falls)
Sonjay Dutt (Champion) vs. Low-Ki

Low-Ki won the first fall after hitting the double foot stomp. Dutt won the second fall. Everything on this show has clicked and it's nice to see the fans into everything. This match was also very good. Dutt won the match and retained his title with a reverse Warriors Way (moonsault into a double foot stomp).

Gail Kim was introduced before the next match.

Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship vs. GFW Women’s Championship (Unification Match)
Rosemary (Impact) vs. Sienna (GFW)

Gail held up the titles and attmpted to shake each competitor's hand but only Rosemary would shake her hand. KM and Laurel Van Ness were at ringside but Sienna told KM to take her away to the back. LVN came back out to ringside late in the match but Allie chased her to the back with a kendo stick. In the ring, Sienna hit Rosemary with a belt to the face and went for a pin but Rosemary kicked out. Sienna was eventually to get the pin on Rosemary to unify both titles. Another great match.

GFW and Impact Wrestling founder Jeff Jarrett was introduced by Jeremy Borash. Jarrett thanked the fans for everything leading up to this night. It was short and simple.

Impact Wrestling World Championship vs. GFW Global Championship (Unification match)
Bobby Lashley (Impact Champion) vs. Alberto El Patron (GFW Champion)

King Mo was in Lashley's corner. Mil Mascaras and Dos Caras were in Alberto's corner. Late in the match, Lashley had the upper hand and hit Alberto with several slaps to the face while King Mo grabbed a chair at ringside. Alberto fought back. Alberto and King Mo shoved each other at ringside. Alberto got back in the ring and that was enough time for Lashley to recover and lock in an arm breaker submission but Alberto willed himself out of it. Lashley hit a spear, pin attempt, Alberto kicks out. The action spilled to the ringside area and King Mo tried to get involved by Dos Caras hit him with a low blow. Lashley attacked Dos Caras. Lashley got back in the ring but was distracted by Dos Caras. Alberto hit a kick to the heat and then a double stomp and the pin. Alberto is the new Unified World Heavyweight Champion. Alberto celebrated in the ring as Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, Scott D'Amore, Sonjay Dutt, Ed Nordholm, executives from NOAH and The Crash promotion made their way to the ring.