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Bram lost his cool during an indie match and destroyed Ravie Davie's face

bram and his anger problems

Insane Championship Wrestling recently held the "Shug's Hoose Party 4" event and during the show, things might have gotten out of hand in one match.

Reports from the show are saying GFW star Bram lost his cool and shot on Ravie Davie in a way that "couldn't have been planned and everyone else feels uncomfortable and wants to leave." In case you're not hip to the wrestling lingo, "to shoot" on someone means to legit fight them.

They were running a wedding angle during the show between Ravie Davie and Martina when Bram came down to the ring and attacked everyone. This resulted in a match but things got real.Bram is a much bigger guy so things apparently got crazy violent. This might be an angle, but if it is then it's a pretty extreme way to go about getting heat.

Fun fact about Ravie Davie: he is also known as The Fresh Prince Of Drumoyne Square and is the ICW 2016 Breakout Star Of The Year.

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Bram has a history of violent behavior in the past so to lose his cool in a match like this might not have been the best idea. You can check out a picture of the damage below to see Ravie Davie's face after Bram got the best of him. We don't know what really caused this work to become a shoot, but if we hear anything we promise to share it with you.

Fun fact about Bram: he is Charlotte Flair's ex-husband and things apparently got pretty rocky toward the end.

Oh yeah, Ravie Davie ended up defeating Bram via pinfall.

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