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GRAPHIC PHOTO: 68-year-old Kevin Sullivan suffers hematoma on his head after nasty chair shot from Sami Callihan


Sami Callihan has posted a very gruesome looking photo of former NWA/WCW star Kevin Sullivan with a large hematoma on his forehead. The photo can be seen below but you should know that it's not pretty to look at.

From what I was told, it all went down at a show in Dayton, Ohio on Wednesday night. Sullivan was booked in a Street Fight with Callihan and the injury apparently happened when Callihan threw a chair directly at his head. Sullivan did not get his hands up to block the chair.

I know that Callihan is trying to play up his unpredictable character since he accidentally busted open Eddie Edwards with a baseball bat but this kind of stuff is not going to get people to tune in to watch him on TV.

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