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Homicide explains what went wrong with TNA and if he would ever return to the company

Former TNA star Homicide recently appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast. He talked about what went wrong with TNA and if he would return to TNA. Here are the highlights.

On what went wrong with TNA:

The first time I went there it was pretty awesome. The staff, the camera crews and the people who write the books but when [Hulk] Hogan and Eric Bischoff came in everything just changed. I was one of those guys that was like when if you’ve ever seen the old Dave Chappelle sketch ‘When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong,’ well I was one of those guys who kept it real but sometimes in professional wrestling, especially corporate wrestling you need to play the games. Meaning sometimes you have to be quiet and sometimes you need to not say things. I would just outburst and didn’t care. I didn’t care if I got fired. But when I did get released it felt like freedom and like I was a slave, almost because when Hogan and Eric Bischoff came in it was like everthing was different and a lot of people were scared of losing their jobs. When I got released it was like I got woken up I had people like The Dudley Boyz, Konnan and my teacher Manny Fernandez teaching me about the game about corporate wrestling and how it really is. I look back and say maybe I made a mistake just going out there and I didn’t care. Now, I am getting older and the way the wrestling industry is right now you need to keep you job and you’ve got to be quiet and just have to play along.”

On if he would return to TNA:

“I’ve got respect for TNA. Even though if they are doing bad because I don’t hear anything from them anymore. If they are doing good or bad, I’ve got respect for them because I had a lot of fun with those guys.”

You can listen to the interview here:


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