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Huge developments in the GFW World Heavyweight Title picture

GFW / Anthem Media

GFW / Anthem Media

You never know what can happen when you're dealing with GFW. One minute they have a champion and then you turn around after a scandal later and the belt is back around Bruce Prichard's shoulder.

Alberto El Patron was stripped of the GFW title and after some debate, the decision was made to simply give the title back to Bobby Lashley.

But in even truer Global Force Wrestling fashion, when Bobby Lashley was called down to the ring they had an even bigger surprise for fans.

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Jim Cornette came down to the ring instead of Lashley and he made a grand gesture. After a bit of political talk and mumbo-jumbo Bruce Prichard was the one who apparently ended up on the unemployment line as Corney fired him.

Cornette got on the microphone and said we're about to see a new GFW and next week we would see a 20 man gauntlet match to determine a real champion.

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