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Huge spoiler for tonight's IMPACT/GFW Slammiversay pay-per-view

Global Force Wrestling / Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions

Global Force Wrestling / Anthem Wrestling Exhibitions

It looks like the main event for tonight's Slammiversary has been spoiled. If you do not want to know then stop reading here.

The cable guide listing for Thursday's episode of Impact Wrestling says the following:

"It's all about the fallout from Slammiversary. Alberto El Patron will hold a celebration in the ring with a guest of honor, but an unwelcomed visitor makes their way to the IMPACT Zone. LAX announces their newest member, and things go south for Sonjay Dutt. Also: the Super X Cup '17 will make a return."

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It certainly looks like the plan is for Alberto to win tonight as they will be unifying the Impact and GFW World Championships. It makes sense since Alberto has been positioned as the top babyface and they would probably want tonight's show to end on a high note.

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