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Impact spoilers (airs 7/3/14 and 7/10/14) - title change, ECW original returns

What appears to be the 7/3 show:

Kurt Angle comes out and announces the card. Samoa Joe came out and said he wants a title match with Bobby Lashley. Angle said that he wants the old Samoa Joe to come back.

Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards b Knux & Crazzy Steve

Bobby Roode b Kenny King

Madison Rayne and Brittany came out. In the most overdone segment in TNA, they bury the hatchet, make peace, and Brittany attacked her and turned heel.

Kurt Angle hired Earl Hebner back as a referee.

Ethan Carter III b Bully Ray in a tables match. If Rayne and Brittany wasn't enough, Rhino came out after Spud interfered, teased helping Bully, and then gave Bully the gore.

Gunner came out with Samuel Shaw and told everyone that Shaw is a changed man. Ken Anderson and Christy Hemme come out. Shaw apologized to Hemme for everything he did.

Gail Kim b Angelina Love to win the Knockouts title

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Bobby Lashley b Eric Young with a spear to retain the TNA title

What appears to be the 7/10 show:

Kurt Angle called out Willow. He told him that he wanted Jeff Hardy back and he wanted him in a Battle Royal for a title shot.

Edwards & Richards b Magnus & Bram to keep the tag titles

Austin Aries b Seiya Sanada with a 450 splash to win the X title. This seems to mean Lashley vs. Aries for 6/26 in New York.

Bobby Roode cuts a promo on MVP for suspending him. Kenny King jumped Roode. Eric Young came out, followed by Lashley. The heels beat down the faces.

Bully called out Rhino. Rhino said he knows Bully better than anyone and he's a con man. He conned Paul Heyman and he conned Dixie Carter. He asked Bully what he did for him when TNA released him. Bully said that Rhino got fired both by TNA and WWE. Rhino attacked Bully and Tommy Dreamer came out for the save.

Gail Kim b Angelina Love

Jeff Hardy won Battle Royal to face Lashley on 6/25 in New York