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Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2017 results: Gail Kim is the KO champ, Eli Drake retains, Alberto El Patron returns

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Anthem Sports

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2017
November 5, 2017
Aberdeen Pavillion
Ottawa, Canada

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Impact X-Division Championship
Trevor Lee vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Garza Jr. vs. Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt

Kudos for Garza, Jr. for trying to gut it through the match with a banged up shoulder. The crowd was hot for everything and this felt like a completely rejuvenated company. The crowd was hot for everything involving Petey Williams since he is Canadian. The finish of the match was Petey Williams hitting the Canadian Destroyer on Xavier. Trevor Lee tossed Willimas out of the ring and stole the pin to retain the X-Division Championship

Tyson Dux vs. Taiji Ishimori

This was a bonus match, presumably to make up for the scrapped Rosemary vs. Taya Valkyrie match. Ishimori wrestles for Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. Laurel Van Ness, playing up her drunk character, was seen walking around in the crowd. Ishimori got the pin after hitting the 450 splash. This match included weapons including trash cans, chairs, knedo sticks, tables, ladders, etc.

Alberto El Patron returns

He said that he should be happy tonight because he's back in Impact but there is something wrong. He said that everything he's heard from the people backstage is that he is amazing and he's brought things to the company that have never been brought before. He said that he gave his heart and soul to Impact but "those cowards hiding back there" and said that they screwed him and they have "no cojones." He called them backstabbers and said that they believed all of the facts and lies and "the reports will tell you I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything but they still suspended me." He said that they stopped paying him and they took his title away from him and now they have a paper champion. He said that the paper champion must defeat the real champion "right here." He said that he is not talking about the fan reports. He is talking about the official reports from the authorities and management didn't care about him or his family. He said, "unlike that coward with no cojones" and that "loser" that wanted to spread lies. He said that even after showing management that he didn't do anything, none of them called him or texted him and none of them went to his house to see if everything was ok. He said that the owner of the company called him to tell him what was wrong. El Patron said that Impact Wrestling is what's wrong and what's wrong is what El Patron is going to do tonight. He said that this place is filled with cowards and losers and backstabbers. El Patron called out Jeremy Borash and said: "I thought we were friends." El Patron said that he doesn't remember Borash calling or texting him. He was saying this as he walked up towards the announcer's table near the stage area. El Patron yelled at Borash and asked "did you ever call me?" Borash admitted to never calling or texting him. El Patron stuck out his hand and shook Borash's hand and said, "but you still shaking my hand." El Patron said that he came to Canada to make a statement he wants to make that statement with Borash. El Patron teased attacking Borash but then he walked away and said that "tonight is gonna be amazing."

Monsters Ball Match
Abyss vs. Grado

Abyss grabbed the mic and cut a promo on Grado. Grado surprised Abyss with a low blow and the match got started. Grado brought in barbed wire, trash cans, kendo sticks, a cheese grater, a chair, and other items into the match. This match featured all kinds of crazy spots including Grado getting hit with a garbage can and falling through a barbed wire board at ringside, kendo stick shots to the head, Grado splashing Abyss while Abyss was sandwiched between two barbed wire boards, etc. Laurel Van Ness interfered and took out Grado. The lights went out while LVN had the barbed wire board in her hand. The lights came back on and Rosemary was standing in the ring. She sprayed the mist in LVN's face. Rosemary and Abyss stood across from each other and Abyss grabbed her neck but Rosemary played with Abyss' hair and calmed him down. Abyss went after Grado but Rosemary sprayed the mist in her face. Abyss chokeslammed Rosemary on the tacks. Abyss won after hitting the black hole slam on Grado. Borash said that we've seen the end of Grado in Impact Wrestling.

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Team Impact. Eddie Edwards and James Storm were hyped for their match but EC3 didn't seem like he wanted to be there.

Team Impact (Ethan Carter III, Eddie Edwards and James Storm) vs. Team AAA (El Hijo del Fantasma, Pagano and Texano)

EC3 was reluctant to get into the match but he finally did about halfway through the match. Lots of action. The finish was EC3 hitting a double 1 percenter on Texano and Pagano. Storm finished off Pagano with a superkick and pin. Team Impact wins.

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Eli Drake and Chris Adonis backstage.

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Impact Team Championship - 5150 Street Fight
Ohio Versus Everything (Dave Crist and Jake Crist) (c) vs. The Latin American Xchange (Ortiz and Santana)

Backstage, they showed someone standing over a member of LAX. I guess someone was attacked but we could not see faces and a Mexican flag was draped over the LAX member. The person that was standing did a thumbs down gesture. Borash asked if the person attacked was Homicide. Crist was hit with a running powerbomb next to the announcer's table. Santana climbed up a lighting rig and splashed Dave Crist through a table. A couple of minutes later, they made it back to the ring and more weapons were used. Jake Crist hit a sick looking superplex through chairs in the ring and it looked like Crist took most of the damage on his back. Late in the match, Sami Callahan appeared and threw power in Konnan's eyes. Callahan powerbombed Ortiz through a table at ringside and that was enough for both members of OVE to get the pin.

Impact Knockouts Championship
Sienna (c) vs. Allie vs. Gail Kim

Good match and everyone worked hard especially because Kim's in-ring days are winding down. There were several false finishes but Kim won the match after hitting Sienna with Eat Defeat. Gail Kim is the new Impact Knockouts Champion. They immediately cut backstage so there was no speech or anything from Kim. Perhaps, she will wrestle one final time at the TV tapings.

Backstage, Lashley, King Mo, Dan Lambert and members of American Top Team hyped themselves up. They cut to shots of Eli Drake and Johnny Impact getting ready. Borash said that Gail Kim will have something to say on Impact. He said that she got to retire on top.

Jimmy Jacobs made his way to the announcer's table. Borash said that he doesn't work at Impact. Jacobs responded, "I don't work here? That's what you think" There wasn't much of a reaction for Jacobs.

Six Sides of Steel
Moose and Stephan Bonnar vs. Lashley and King Mo

Mo was busted open early in the match after being tossed into the cage. They tried but this match was a mess. ATT somehow opened the cage and interfered in the match. Moose and Mo fought at ringside and Dan Lambert took advantage of Moose being knocked out. Lambert got Mo back in the ring and locked the cage so Bonnar was in the ring by himself. Moose climbed to the top of the cage and hit a crossbody on Lashley and a member of ATT. Lambert's distraction allowed Lashley hit a spear on Mo and then he got the pin.

Impact World Championship
Eli Drake (c) (with Chris Adonis) vs. Johnny Impact

Impact was at a disadvantage because he had to deal with Adonis' interference at ringside. The fans didn't seem into the match until the final minutes.

Some notes from the show:

- As expected, they used local referees and Devon Nicholson's Great North Wrestling helped with the construction of the set and the ring. Impact had the match won late but El Patron pulled the referee out of the ring. Impact dove over the top and was going to land on El Patron but he moved and Impact landed on the referee. El Patron hit Impact with a steel chair and then went in the ring with the belt and hit Drake with it. El Patron pushed the ref back in the ring and then smashed Impact with a chair over the head. El Patron draped Drake over Impact so Drake retains.

- The were some production issues but, generally, the show came off more lively than a regular episode of Impact on Pop.

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