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Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory: New Impact World Champion crowned

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory
October 14, 2018
Melrose Ballroom
Queens, NY

We are live with ongoing coverage of Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory, their biggest show of the year. Please refresh this page for updates throughout the show or click here.

Matt Sydal and Ethan Page vs. Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Great match to kick off the show. They went about 15 minutes. Swann won the match for his team after hitting Phoenix splash on Page. They got “Impact Wrestling” and “this is awesome” chants during the match. Mack grabbed the mic after the match but it didn’t work so he asked for a second one and it worked. He said he’s glad the fans enjoyed his debut as Swann’s partner. Mack said there are two front row seats that are empty and the loudest people will get them, courtesy of

They recapped the recent events between Johnny Impact and Austin Aries, including the brawl last night at Abyss’ Hall Of Fame ceremony.

Backstage, they showed Konnan after the floor. The camera did not catch who attacked him. Konnan said it was King and told LAX to go out and handle their business.

Eli Drake vs. James Ellsworth

This was an open challenge to any New Yorker. James Ellsworth answered the challenge. Drake pointed out that Ellsworth is not from New York. Ellsworth said that he used to date a girl from Staten Island and he lived in her basement until she kicked him out. Fans chanted “f**k you Ellsworth.” The match got started after Ellsworth hit Drake with a cheap shot. Drake won after hitting the Gravy Train finisher twice. Drake grabbed the mic and said he came to New York for the best and he didn’t ask for garbage. He wants top guys and Hall Of Fame material. Abyss’ music and he walked out. Abyss took him out with the Black Hole Slam and then attempted a chokeslam through a table in the ring but Drake countered and fought back. Drake went for a move off the second rope but was caught and chokeslammed through the table in the ring.

Impact Knockouts Championship
Tessa Blanchard (Champion) vs. Taya Valkyrie

Tessa always comes off like a major star. Good match and Valkyrie almost won it after hitting the Road to Valhalla finisher but the referee wasn’t looking so that gave Blanchard enough time to kick out at 2. Blanchard went for the Buzzsaw DDT but Valkyrie kicked out as Blanchard looked on in disbelief. Moments later, Blanchard hit a flying codebreaker off the top and then got the pin to retain. The flying codebreaker looked awesome.

They showed a pre-taped interview with Moose.

Eddie Edwards vs. Moose

The match ended quickly when Killer Kross attacked Edwards from the ringside area. Tommy Dreamer ran down to make the save. Dreamer grabbed the mic and said the fans won’t stand for “BS, count out crap.” The match turned into a tag team match. D

Eddie Edwards and Tommy Dreamer vs. Moose and Killer Kross

During the match, one of the NY Giants at ringside shoved Moose. Late in the match, Moose tried to use the kendo stick but Edwards ducked and rolled him up for the pin. Kross and Moose attacked Edwards after the match.

oVe Rules Match
Ohio Versus Everything vs. Brian Cage, Fenix and Pentagon Jr.

No surprise here that this was an awesome match with a lot going on and it was fast-paced. Cage appeared to be working with a thigh injury because he had it wrapped up and it was obvious he was trying to work around it. Late in the match, Fenix tried a move off the top of Pentagon’s shoulders but Jake Crist jumped on the top rope and did a cutter with Fenix still on Pentagon’s shoulder. The move didn’t work out too well and it was an awkward landing. Callihan got the pin on Cage after a spike piledriver. It took all three members of oVe to take out Cage. It was Cage’s first loss on Impact.

Backstage interview with Austin Aries. He says Impact was on life support when he returned but he has helped to turn things around this year. He ripped on Johnny Impact for worry about a reality show and he doesn’t think the Impact World title means much to him. Aries said the twitter stuff and the press conference last night made things personal and he doesn’t trust management. Aries said his men will be at ringside and he invited Impact to have his wife at ringside.

They cut to The OGz laughing off what happened to Konnan earlier.

Concrete Jungle Death Match
LAX vs. The OGz

The match was done in the ring without the ring apron and the wooden boards exposed. A group called Bodega Band performed as LAX made their way to the ring. It lasted several minutes so they could finish the song. The referee had to keep moving the boards in place because there was no canvas holding them in place. The turnbuckle pads were also removed. Hernandez was busted open early in the match. Konnan came out late in the match to a big pop. He took out The OGz with the slap jack. LAX won the match after pinning Kingston.

Allie vs. Su Yung

This “match” was pre-taped in an old house and was shot like a movie. It was placed at this time during the show to allow the crew to put the ring back together before the main event. Allie finally found Young but the tables were turned as Young was about to finish her off. Allie was able to turn things around and used an ax on Yung’s neck. Allie ran over to a casket to rescue Kiera Hogan. Several Undead Brides cornered them in the room but Rosemary appeared to even the odds. Yung wasn’t dead, though. She walked into the room as Rosemary tried to use super powers to fight her off but it looked like Yung got the upper hand. Allie and Hogan argued. Allie said in a deep voice, “it is not ok.” Weird.

On January 6, 2019, Impact Wrestling will return to The Asylum in Nashville, TN for a special Home Coming pay-per-view.

Backstage interview with Johnny Impact.

Impact World Championship
Austin Aries (Champion) vs. Johnny Impact

Taya Valkyrie was at ringside to support her husband. Moose and Killer Kross were at ringside for Aries. Aries looked like he dropped 10 pounds and looked much leaner than before. They were extra stiff with everything so they could try to get a cross to fans that they were not cooperating with each other. Late in the match, they did a spot where Aries did a suicide dive onto Valkyrie at ringside. Impact took his anger out on Aries after seeing his wife knocked out at ringside. Impact hit a brain buster and then Starship Pain to pin Aries. Johnny Impact is the new Impact World Heavyweight Champion.


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