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Impact Wrestling executive teases former ECW talent joining the promotion

Impact Wrestling

Don Callis made an interesting tease while doing the Impact Wrestling post-show, Aftershock, with Jimmy Jacobs on Tuesday night.

This is where he teased a former ECW talent is coming to the promotion after getting a phone call from Scott D'Amore. During the call, he acted shocked about who D’Amore was able to sign because he didn’t think this talent was available.

Callus noted that he used to work for this person back in the day at the bingo halls and it would be great to get him after he heard that there was some changes involving this talent.

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“So, Jimmy. Might wanna bring your autograph book because I just got the scoop. Someone who we didn't even think was available might be coming here. I'm just saying. I'll say this, I learned a lot from him, Jimmy I learned a lot from him. From 1999 to 2001. Do your homework, everyone. All you internet people out there, you figure out who am I talking about. Who am I talking about? Who's undergone some changes recently? Maybe, I don't know.”

While it’s an interesting tease that might lead to some people thinking that it’s Paul Heyman as he was recently removed from his role as the Executive Director of Raw, it should be noted that Heyman is still under contract with WWE as an on-air talent.

The promotion has already teased that the former World Champion is returning to Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary. For more on that, click here.

You can watch the entire clip by clicking on the player below: