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Impact Wrestling merging two top titles creating one undisputed World Championship

Impact Wrestling / Anthem

Impact Wrestling / Anthem

Austin Aries picked up the Impact Wrestling Grand Championship on January 14th and carried it for 141 days but now it looks like his time with that title is up.

It was announced today during the Sammiversary Press Conference that the Impact World Title and Grand Championship will be merged into one undisputed Impact World Championship. Aries is doing this on his own. This move is symbolic in a lot of ways but hopefully, it will lead to telling a cleaner storyline especially in the championship pictures because too many titles can sometimes gum up the works.

This was a move a lot of fans saw coming mainly because it was best for the company and Austin Aries also held both titles making this a perfect time to make this switch over to just one undisputed World Championship.

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Even though it's nice for guys to have a title sometimes a championship doesn't have the clout needed to be really worth carrying it around with any prestige. Therefore it looks like Austin Aries will have one less title to check at the airport and Impact Wrestling can really concentrate on pushing their primary title in the future to further build a reputation as they carry on.