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Impact Wrestling News

Impact Wrestling results for 5/31 and 6/7 (SPOILERS taped on 4/24/16)

Thanks to Mr. Entertainment for the following spoilers:

Trevor Lee retains the X-Division Title in an Ultimate X Four-Way match with Andrew Everett, Eddie Edwards, and DJ Z with lots of high-flying spots.

Matt Hardy holds a contract in his hand to fight Jeff Hardy in a Full Metal Mayhem match at “TNA Slammiversary.” Rockstar Spud and Tyrus interrupt talking him out of the match. Matt says if they both can defeat Jeff in a Ladder match, then the challenge is declined. However, if Jeff wins Matt signs the contract.

EC3 wins via disqualification against Matt Hardy due to outside interference from “The Miracle” Mike Bennett who beats down Ethan Carter III. He grabs a mic saying stands over EC3’s body, “Your road to redemption has come to a screeching halt. So, while I hate to be the bearer of bad news since you had to defeat Matt Hardy, you will not get your rematch against me at ‘Slammiversary.'”

Tyrus breaks the first step on the ladder. Jeff “Twist of Fate” to Rockstar Spud on top of ladder who falls down along with the ladder. Jeff sets the ladder back up, climbs to quickly grab contract rushing out the ring coming face-to-face with Matt on stage from the entrance ramp. Full Metal Mayhem match at “TNA Slammiversary” is officially on.

Sienna squashed Madison Rayne to become number one contender for Jade’s TNA Knockouts Women’s Championship at “Slammiversary.” Maria Kanellis-Bennett’s Knockouts assistant Allie was at ringside.

Newly-crowned TNA King of The Mountain Champion Eli Drake is in-ring to host “Fact of Life” with TNA World Tag-Team Champions The Decay as guests. Eli asks them how they will beat BroMans at “Slammiversary.” Each Decay member has a few words. Both BroMans walk out with Raquel. Decay wants their match to happen now. Out comes Grado and Mahabali Shera. “The Tribunal” Basille Baracca and Baron Dax with Al Snow run down ramp, brief brawl immerses leading to an impromptu 8-Man Tag-Team match.

Eli Drake picked up the victory for his team which consisted of The Tribunal (Basille Baracca and Baron Dax) and The Decay (Abyss is wearing facepaint) vs. The BroMans (Robbie E. and Jesse Godderz) and Mahabali Shera and Grado in an 8-Man Tag-Team match.

Matt Hardy is in ring stating that he took out Jeff backstage claiming their Full Metal Mayhem match at “Slammiversary” no longer happening. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway interrupts, stating Matt has gone insane. Matt requests a rematch between him and Galloway, which at first Drew reminded Matt they already had competed before. Drew reverses decision accepting World Title match with Matt in tonight’s main event.

Maria is on mic to say she will not be wrestling with her husband. Mike in tag action against Gail Kim and EC3. Her Knockouts Division assistant Allie takes her spot and is handed a gym bag of ring attire. Match starts. Highlights were Allie slapping EC3’s chest at one point. Gail Kim flies off top rope landing on Maria and Allie at ringside. Meanwhile, Mike slides in ring with a steel chair in hand, EC3 and Referee Brian Hebner both turn around. EC3 chases Mike to backstage. Allie attempted a suplex and failed as Gail won by roll up. Sienna, Maria, and Allie wrap a steel chair around Gail’s ankle, Maria grabs another chair smacking the one on Gail. All three stand over her in a post-match beat down.

Eddie Edwards vs. Trevor Lee one-on-one. Lee’s TNA X-Division Title on the line. Eddie Suicide Dived Lee outside ring. Gregory Shane Helms and Eddie almost clash at ringside. Eddie is thrown off top rope by Andrew Everett, near fall attempt from Lee. DJZ attacks Everett ringside. Referee Earl Hebner’s back was turned, Helms struck Eddie’s head with belt. Lee went for cover and retained.

Pepper Parks gets his name changed to Braxton Sutter. Unable to hear Braxton’s opponent’s name over the cheering in my section. Braxton Sutter made a successful singles competition debut. Post-match interview with Jeremy Borash, says he will not miss “Slammiversary” and thanks the fans and he in TNA to take over.

“TNA Xplosion” match between Decay’s Crazy Steve and BroMans’ Robbie. Back-and-forth action. Steve won with high-flying DDT off top rope.

Main event was Drew Galloway’s TNA World Title defense against challenger Matt Hardy. The match ended via interference by Drew’s “Slammiversary” opponent Bobby Lashley. Lights go out and we hear Willow’s laugh echo throughout Impact Zone. Lights came back on with a confused looking Matt.

Jeremy Borash with TNA staff gave away dozens of Willow masks to fans standing by the guard rails. Lights out again and switched on and a couple of Willows were standing on stage as Willow appears on big screen warning Matt what will happen to him at “Slammiversary.” Jeff’s music hits and he walks out. Jeff ran into ring and attacked Matt and finished him with a Swanton Bomb off the top rope. Tapings concluded.

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