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Impact Wrestling scraps 2017 Hall Of Fame, news on names that were considered for this year

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

As many of you could have guessed since there was nothing said at Bound For Glory, the plan for this year's Impact Wrestling Hall Of Fame has been scrapped.

The original plan, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, was to induct Jerry Jarrett and Mike Tenay. Jarrett is a good choice since he helped to start the company along with his son Jeff and Bob Ryder. Mike Tenay would have been a great choice since he was the voice of the company dating back to their first show in 2002.

The idea was scrapped because of Jeff Jarrett's exit and because they could not get anyone to commit to this year. Several months ago, they teased James Storm as the next inductee but he was never on the list or even considered. Storm finished up with the company at last week's tapings.

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