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Impact Wrestling sends legal letters to distributors carrying ROH PPV regarding "Broken" Hardys trademark/IP

In regards to the earlier post regarding Reby Hardy's tweets where she ripped Impact Wrestling because of their threat to sue them if they don't stop using the "Broken" gimmick, the tweets were in reference to a 3 page cease and desist letter sent to the Hardys claiming that Impact owns the intellectual property of the characters and they are not to use anything related to the "Broken" characters going forward. The strange thing is that they also claim ownership of the "Brother Nero" name even though Nero is Jeff Hardy's real middle name.

This is not a good look for Impact Wrestling especially at a time when they are trying to bring fans to the product, regardless if they are right to come after the Hardys legally.

Also, pay-per-view distributors were sent legal notices regarding the "Broken" Hardy trademark so it will be interesting to see what is done tonight as the Hardys are defending their ROH Tag Team titles in the main event at the 15th-anniversary show tonight.

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Apparently, these legal threats are being sent by Anthem Media and it is not something that Jeff Jarrett is involved with.

The story was first reported by PWInsider.