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Impact Wrestling Slammiversary XVII: live coverage

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary
July 7, 2019
Gilley’s in Dallas, TX

We are live with ongoing Impact Wrestling Slammiversary coverage from Dallas, Texas.

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Willie Mack vs. TJP vs. Jake Crist vs. Trey Miguel

This was a crazy match and a nice way to open the show. The finish was Crist hitting a cutter off the top on Trey Miguel. However, Mack stole the pin after hitting a Six Star Frog Splash.

Impact World Tag Team Championship
The North vs. LAX vs. The Rascalz

This was a short match. Late in the match, Konnan called for medics to get to ringside as Santana was hurt at ringside. This appeared to be an angle. The finish was Page breaking up a pin attempt by the Rascalz and Alexander stealing the pin on Ortiz to retain the titles.

First Blood Match
Eddie Edwards vs. Killer Kross

The video package hyping this match included a scene in a Catholic church. Kross walked to the ring with facepaint and a priest’s collar. This was a brutal match. The finish was Edwards jamming the kendo stick into Kross’ throat. He spit up blood, which meant that Edwards is the winner.

Tessa Blanchard was shown arriving. She shoved an “investigative reporter” up against the wall.

Backstage interview with Rob Van Dam. He seemed off.

Moose vs. Rob Van Dam

RVD looked alright during the match but was slower than the RVD of a few years ago. They used a chair in this match. Moose won after hitting a spear and getting the pin. The announcers then talked about Moose possibly being next in line to challenge for the World Title.

Impact Knockouts Championship – Four-Way Monster’s Ball
Taya Valkyrie vs. Jessicka Havok vs. Rosemary vs. Su Yung

They used all sorts of weapons including a trash can, chairs, a ladder, cookie sheets, and a staple gun, among other things. Taya stapled an 8×10 on Su’s forehead at one point during the match. Rosemary poured thumbtacks in the ring but she ended up in them when Taya stomped her face into the tacks. Su sprayed mist at Havok but she ducked and accidentally spit in Father Jim Mitchell’s face. Seconds later, Taya and Rosemary crashed through a table at ringside. Havok delivered a sick looking super tombstone on Su on the thumbtacks but Taya broke up the pin and stole the pin to retain the title. Crazy match.

Backstage interview with Rich Swann was interrupted by Johnny Impact and John E Bravo.

X-Division Championship
Rich Swann vs. Johnny Impact

This was a fantastic fast-paced match. Late in the match, Swann hit two consecutive cutters and the Phoenix splash. That allowed him to pin Impact and retain his title. Fantastic match. This show has been really good so far and worth the price. Josh Mathews called this a candidate for Match of the Year.

They aired a backstage promo with Michael Elgin talking about his upcoming match with Brian Cage for the Impact World Championship. He noted that The Machine keeps breaking down.

Impact World Championship
Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin

This was another very good match and it’s amazing that Cage was doing so much, considering his back issues. Late in the match, Cage kicked out of an Elgin Bomb. Seconds later, Cage took a buckle bomb but he fired back with a discus clothesline on Elgin. There was a very near pinfall when Cage kicked out after taking a nice looking Canadian Destroyer from Elgin. Seconds later, Cage hit a knee to the face, a powerbomb and a flat liner but Elgin kicked out of the pin attempt. The finish was Cage reversing a buckle bomb and rolling up Elgin to retain the title. Elgin attacked Cage with the title after the match. Elgin brought Don Callis into the ring and was about to powerbomb him but a masked man speared Elgin. Josh Mathews acted as if he didn’t know who the man was. SPOILER: It was Rhino.

They announced that Bound For Glory would take place in Chicago on October 20.

Intergender Match
Tessa Blanchard vs. Sami Callihan

Tessa walked to the ring with a baseball bat in her hand. The first several minutes consisted of Tessa getting in some hope spots and then getting cut off by Callihan. Callihan wanted to powerbomb Tessa off the ramp that leads to the ring but Tessa countered with a Diamond Cutter. Towards the end of the match, the referee took a bump and Tessa took a bat to the head but she kicked out of the pin attempt. Callihan attacked the referee so he could keep using the bat. Tessa hit a low blow as Sami was about to use the bat. Tessa then used her own bat on Callihan and then she hit her trademark Magnum (codebreaker) off the top rope. Callihan went for the pin and then turned it into a crossface.  Callihan broke free and hit a package piledriver but Tessa kicked out of the pin attempt. Callihan hit another package piledriver and then pinned Tessa. Josh said we didn’t get the conclusion that we deserve. Fantastic match. Tessa proved again why she is one of the best wrestlers in the world. After the match, Sami walked towards Tessa with both bats in his hand. He handed Tessa’s bat back to her.

This was a very good show.


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