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Impact Wrestling's Dutch Mantell very cryptic message: "some things I could tell you that you'd SYH at"

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling creative consultant (fka Zeb Colter) posted some cryptic messages in regards to Impact Wrestling.

He wrote the following:

"Twitteroids...keep in mind that we're listening to your comments. You are the ultimate judges of what we do. @IMPACTWRESTLING @EdNordholm. Stories are like always has 2 sides. Wanna hear the other side? Some people won't like it. @IMPACTWRESTLING @EdNordholm. Folks...there's some things I could tell you that you'd SYH at. You can't write this stuff. Coming soon. Stay tuned. @@RealJeffJarrett"

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I have no idea what he is referring to but some have speculated that it has something to do with The Hardys, given that Reby Hardy has been very outspoken over the belief that Impact is holding the "Broken" gimmick hostage. Sports & Entertainment President/CEO Leonard Asper, Anthem EVP Ed Nordholm and Impact Executive Producer Jeff Jarrett were all tagged in the tweets. Jarrett and Mantell are good friends.